The LSI came about through the efforts of physical scientists and biologists at Heriot Watt University. Realising that biology could benefit substantially from the input, expertise and quantitative nature of physics, mathematics and chemistry, Heriot-Watt University recruited numerate, research-active cell biologists with ongoing programmes of research that could benefit from quantitative analyses.

We are united by molecular imaging - it is now possible to localise the precise locations of protein and lipid molecules inside living cells for the first time. The enormous datasets generated by such experiments lend themselves perfectly to mathematical analyses; modelling, simulations and pattern analysis. These unique approaches will certainly inform us better about cellular processes - for example, diabetes is caused somehow by a mis-regulation of specific molecules in the cells responsible for insulin secretion or action.
The LSI Laboratory houses the first of these research groups. We are interested to hear from other groups that would like to either collaborate, or move to the Heriot Watt campus to add to the already exciting research environment within the LSI.

About the Life Science Interface

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